Global overpopulation

Global population growth in 2016


In 1994 the following newsreport was in a European newspaper:

In fifty years nearly eight milliard people too much

“In fifty years there will be nearly eight milliard people too much living on earth, to make this life durable. Thereafter mankind will stop existing by it’s own doing. This bleak outlook has been presented today by Prof. Dr. E. Adema, who is leaving the AirhygiëneFaculty at the Wageningen Agriculture University. According to Adema Earth can offer a durable life to no more than 2,5 milliard people. “Durable” according to the Professor means, a life that is guaranteed for the next generations as well and not exhausting Earth’s ecological systems totally. For a durable existance, according to Adema, not only a drastic births reduction is necessary, but also acceptance of a much lower level of prosperity. In 1980 already there were 4,5 milliard people living on earth. In 2040 this number will be increased up to 10 milliard, according to Adema’s calculations”


Now, in 2000 there were 6 milliard, which means 1/3 more in 20 years!!!
By the end of 2006, according to the UN there were 6,5 milliard and since okt. 2011 more than 7 milliard.
So up untill now the professor’s calculations are right; there still is a growth of nearly 100 milion a year, (=1 milliard in ten years).


In another European newspaper in 1999 there was a diagram, that showed, how the 6 milliard Earth-inhabitants then were spread over the different continents and how this will be in 2050.


CONTINENT                  NUMBER IN 1999        NUMBER IN 2050

Oceania                              0,3 milliard                   0,5 milliard

North-America                 0,3       ,,                           0,4      ,,

South-America                 0,5       ,,                           0,8      ,,

Europe                              0,7       ,,                             0,6      ,,     ( less)

Africa                                 0,8       ,,                            1,8       ,,

Asia                                     3,7        ,,                            5,3       ,,     ! ! ! !

Asian countries China (1,38 milliard) and India (1,25 milliard) are the countries with most, resp. second most inhabitants.
The U.S. follows with 320 million, next Indonesia with 250 million, Brasil with 200 million, Pakistan with 182, Nigeria with 174, Bangladesh with 152, the Russian federation with 142, Japan with 127.
By the way China en India are not also the most densely populated countries. As for the countries with more than 10.000 square kilometers of surface, most densely is Bangladesh, with 1034 inhabitants per square kilometer; second is Taiwan with 645, third South-Korea with 503, follow The Netherlands with 497, Lebanon 473, Rwanda 416, Haïti 385, India 382, Belgium 365, Israël 364, and Japan 337. (Last update: 2013-8-16)
(Mini states like Singapore and Monaco are much more densely populated, but what’s meant here are countries with more than 10 milion inhabitants    xxx ).

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Some other alarming facts

Every year about 15 milion acres (6 milion ha.) of land is lost as a result of soil erosion.

Every year about 12,5 milion acres (5 milion ha.) of forest are lost.

Every year nearly 30 milion acres (12 milion ha.) of fertile land is lost as a result of desertification.

Every year about 22 milion tons of chemical waste is dumped into air, water and soil.

In about 41 years all crude oil will be consumed; (so that among others no more artificial fertiliser can be produced of that material, whereas now already some 66 lbs (30 kgs) a year per person worldwide of this is needed to keep global food provision on its nowadays level).

(Source: 2013 version of the following site : xxx )

Is there a way in which the immanent destruction of man by his own  overpopulation could be prevented and what role could Vivism play in this regard?

Well, as is said on the page “Vivism and Environment”:

“Because vivistic nutrition leads to inner harmony, the need of certain relaxing activities (“libido”) is limited to its natural relatively low level. This in its turn makes the natural method of birth control namely “periodic abstinence” realisable quite well, which is very important, because especcially in the two continents where global overpopulation in fact is caused (Asia and Africa), artificial contraceptives are hardly or not accepted. Less overpopulation of course would mean less exhaustion of several vital environmental elements”.

As long as however Vivism isn’t that widely spread en committed, that it can end the continuïng exacerbation of overpopulation, whereas in the mentioned two continents use of artificial contraceptives remains low, it is important that the excessive population growth in these area’s will be corrected as unlimited as possible by nature’s methods like child (and other) deseases.

Which means that among others all (whether or not humanitarian intended) vaccination campaigns there in fact must be considered as contrary to the system of nature and irresponsible to humanity as a whole.

This the more, because as long as the mentioned natural correction methods keep being frustrated, nature will continue to be forced to use less humane methods like starvation and a massive death in war violence.

No need to say that (whether or not humanitarian intended) initiatives that, in fact, also make these correction methods frustrated, particularily through food aid and refugee aid, equally must be considered as irresponsible to humanity as a whole as well as to the other elements of nature.


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