Life-unfriendly behavior


An enumeration of just about the most common types of serious life-unfriendly behavior, that in the vivistic optics are punished proportionally by nature.

I)   In all day life;    

  • Consumption of animal food
  • Consumption of plants or vital parts of plants;
  • Preparing food by use of heat or fire;
  • Consumption of food that was prepared by use of heat or fire;
  • Domestic heating;
  • Traveling by airplane;

II) Economical activities

  • Game hunting and trading;
  • Commercial fishery and fish trade;
  • Forest destruction and timber trade;
  • Cattle breeding;
  • Slaughtering and meat trade;
  • Milk and egg production;
  • Crude oil extraction and -trading;
  • Fuel production and -trading;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Steel production;
  • Weapon industry and -trading;
  • Car production and -trading;
  • Aircraft industry;
  • Airline industry;
  • Paper industry;
  • Elite sports


I)   In all day life

1) Consumption of animal food

No need to explain why this is a very life-unfriendly activity. For as far as concerns eating parts of an animal body it implies that one has either killed or mutilated the relevant animal oneself, or payed somebody else for doing so, or at least profits from somebody else having done so. As far as concerns consumption of animals milk or eggs it implies that one has directly or indirectly through somebody else taken away these natural products from the relevant animal, that mostly has to live in captivity for this purpose.

There is therefore hardly any doubt that particularily the most occurring deseases and causes of a premature death such as obesity, heart deseases, diabetes and cancer can be seen as forms of direct punishment for all one (mostly indirectly) has done to the relevant animals, when one eats them or their milk and eggs.
It’s true that one can also get these deseases if one doesn’t consume any animal foodstuff. Particularily when eating lots of cooked, baken, fried or otherwise prepared by use of heat plant food, in combination with a lot of saturised plant fats or concentrated sugars (e.g. fried potato chips respectively sweets) the chance of getting one or more of the mentioned deseases is not much smaller. The cause of this is said to be mainly in the fact that when eating foodstuff that has been prepared by use of heat, one eats a qua inner structure heavily distorted kind of food.
Now because nearly all kinds of animal food have to be prepared by use of heat before being edible, whereas most kinds of plant food can very well and usually are eaten in their natural unprepared shape, the chance of getting one or more of the so called common deseases is proportionally bigger the more animal food is part of one’s feeding pattern.

2) Consumption of plants or vital parts of plants;

3) Preparing food by use of heat or fire;

(implies killing many microbes that find themselves in foodstuff, in used water and in fuel; also causing emission of greenhouse gasses)

4) Consumption of food that was prepared by use of heat or fire;

(makes one partly responsable for the cooking if one didn’t oneselve)

5) Domestic heating;

(killing microbes in used fuel or water-animals as far as electricity is used that was generated in hydropower plants; mostly emission of greenhouse gasses)

6) Traveling by airplane;

When traveling by plane one is indirectly involved in the killing of birds that often takes place preventively around airports (xxx) and a number of them being crushed during the flight (xxx).
Also one is proportionally responsable for the emission of relatively very much greenhouse-gasses (xxx), the noise-nuisance that many suffer of it and the veil clouds it causes.
Furthermore it’s fuel intensivity implies proportional responsability for the killing of relatively many microbes, that used to live in the crude oil, from which the used kerosine was produced. 

In a number of cases this rather nature-unfriendly kind of behaviour is directly punished, when the plane crashes. (xxx). Also the ever more thorough passenger screening at airports more and more gets the character of a punishment.

 II) Life-unfriendly economical activities

1) Game hunting and trading;

Very life-unfriendly, because wildlife are animals that have come in the world in a completely natural manner and otherwise than cattle were not ‘made’ by humans.
Also hunting is a very unnatural kind of death for these animals, that often suffer heavily when they are hit but not killed (instantly).
Furthermore these animals mostly are part of a family and a community, so that their sudden unnatural death also affects other animals seriously.

When it occurs that there is a hunting accident (xxx), this can be properly regarded as a direct form of natural punishment.
In so far as the relatively many humans that each year have come to their end prematurely due to a firearm (xxx) more or less regularily ate game dishes, their death can also be seen to some extent as a natural punishment for their indirect involvement in the hunt.

2) Commercial fishery and fish trade;

Very cruel to the relevant animals; after they are unnaturally cought in a net in which they are mashed together with large numbers, they are torn out of their element (to be compared with humans being torn into the water), which makes a death agony against suffocation start. Many of them however before dying in this way are obviously without anesthesia cut open and eviscerated, c.q. frozen through.

The fact that comparing fatality statistics in the fishing industry with those for other occupational categories reveals that fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations , can easily be seen as an indication that nature wants this very life-unfriendly form of professional practise to be punished proportionally heavy.

3) Forest destruction and timber trade

Apart from many trees also many animals are killed either directly or indirectly, particularily when destruction is carried out by combustion (xxx) . In that case often also humans are killed because combustion causes a huge smoke developement, which has a suffocating effect on breathing creatures far into the area.
Furthermore this activity has serious consequences for oxygen-supply on Earth, as it reduces the number of oxygen rebreathing trees further, particularily when no reforestation takes place, as often is the case.

In a way it can be seen as a punishment for indirect involvement in this very nature-unfriendly activity, when persons who have (tropical hard-) wood, that has been obtained in this way, present in their home or other building, see this building go up in flames and possibly don’t get through themselves intact or alive either.

As far as (tropical rain-) forests are destroyed so that on the vacant land meat for fast-food chains can be produced at very low cost,, the many cases of obesity, which frequently visiting this kind of restaurants is said to cause, to a certain extent can be seen as a punishment for indirect involvement in the mentioned forest destruction.

(This indirect involvement by the way is a fact, among others for the simple reason that by buying this meat on enables and stimulates the destructors to continue their activity. for when nobody would buy it, the production would stop soon afterwards).

4) Cattle breeding

– Animals whose existence was caused by people and not by parent-animals.
– Always have to live in captivity and subjected to the grower.
– More and more they have to live constantly in a stable, whithout ever coming outside. (xxx)
– Nearly all male newborn animals are killed after a few days or a few months.
– Female animals hardly ever can live their full lifetime, as they are slaughtered after a number of years.

Eating animal food implies involvement in this very animal-unfriendly business. In a way the fact that people more and more are living in battery cage-like housing situations can be seen as a punishment from nature for this involvement.

As for the growers themselves there are enough signs that confirm the supposition that business in a profession like this one must be punished proportionally heavy by nature (xxx)

5) Slaughtering and meat trade

6) Milk and egg production

7) Crude oil extraction and -trading

8) Fuel production and -trading

9) Chemical industry

10) Steel production

11) Weapon industry and -trading

12) Car production and -trading

Producers and traders know in advance that:
– Use of their product will be emitting a lot of gasses that are onerous to environment;
– Use of their products will cause noise nuisance;
– Use of their products will bring danger in streets and as a result reduces liveability there;
– Use of their products in many a case brings along fatal acidents;
– Use of their products will kill great numbers of insects and possibly other animals (xxx).

Producers and traders might know in advance that:
– Use of their products enables people to bridge faster and much greater distances than fitted
in the natural system, which has a disruptive effect on the individuals concerned and for
society at large;

Still they started that activity and/or proceed with it.
One of the punishments they certainly have to undergo for this is in the fact that they have to inhale unfresh air themselves as well.
Another one most likely is that they constantly feel guilty about all the mentioned reprehensibilities.

13) Aircraft industry

14) Airline industry

– Takes many bird lifes;
– Very fuel-intensive (about 5 times as much per mile as a car);
– Causes noise nuisence to many;
– Causes veil clouds, which reduces shunshine on Earth considerably;

15) Paper industry

16) Elite sports

This also may need some explanation.
Generally spoken elite sports-business in the first place usuallly implies a more or less gigantic use of energy. (Lighting and often heating of stadiums, long distance traveling of competetors and spectators (mostly by plane), hours of television-broadcasting watched by billions, production and distribution of related reading material, etcetera) (xxx). Another substantial negative aspect is in its infatuating effect, which makes people attach more importance to this in fact useless matter then to their own critical conditions.

Organizers and participants should be aware of these drawbacks and act accordingly; otherwise nature might punish them with even more worldwide scandals respectively more fatalities than the untill now 18 that occurred to participants of the most recent olympic games (xxx) .


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