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Own experiences, making clear to the author of this site that any further step towards his eventual as good as completely life-friendly (vivistic) behavioral pattern, with him led to a corresponding improvement in his general welfare, including reduction of hitherto conventional punishments like health ailments.


A schematic representation of the relevant development

– In principle no more meat from age 5;

(animal friendly; led to considerably more cheerfullness)

– In principle allways honest (including obedient to the law) from age 22;

(life friendly, because dishonesty and illegality always directly or indirectly harm one or more other living beings; resulting in a considerably more profound experience of every day life, no matter that it were only minor and incidental deviations from the rules which thereby didn’t occur any more).

– Absolutely no more meat from age 25;

(more animal friendly; resulted in a rather forthwith exceeding of several personal obstacles)

– Stopped smoking and use of alcohol from age 27;

(plant-  respectively vitamin-friendly; resulting in an increase of mental clarity and of vitality)

– No more plants from about age 35;

(plant friendly; resulted in a forthwith dodging of impending troubles plus constantly growing disentanglement of plant world’s splendor and other laudability)

– No more animal milk and eggs (“Vegan”) from about age 40;

(very animal friendly; resulted once again in an essential change for the better on a personal level);
(but due to mainly ignorance of the fact that as a vegan in the current circumstances one soon has to provide supplementation of certain vitamins (B12) and minerals (calcium), eventually also to some health problems about ten years later; (mainly bone loss, resulting in broken bones in foot and wrist after a bike fall, caused by a too weak supporting leg in an extraordinary straining situation, whereas revalidation of the foot was extremely complicated as a result of previous impairments due to poor care (of among others a sports injury)). May however be stated that even these problems have had a positive effect at all, as they resulted in a greatly improved knowledge about nutrition issues). 

– Raw-foodist from about age 50;

(microbe-friendly, as no more of them are killed in the cooking fire and -heat; consequences for particularily health and well-being were and still are great; really a favour of nature. As a matter of fact, the revalidation mentioned hereabove would not have succeeded if not the switch was made from the usual mainly cooked hospital food to mainly raw-food).

– No more vitamins- and other microbes-killing or -inactivating food additions like salt, vinegar, sugar, etc. from age about 55;

(more microbe friendly, with a proportionally more favorable effect)

– Since a few years later moving in the direction of “Pure-Fructarianism”*** , which implies that in principle only food is consumed in which not any kind of unnatural stuff at all can have ended up. This especcially entails that in principle only organic fruits are consumed, as this avoids that residues of fertilizer and pesticides are eaten;

(animal- and microbe friendly, because in organic cultivation considerably less insects and microbes are killed, whereas production of (the non-used) fertilizer and pesticides out of crude oil also costs many microbe lifes).

Meanwhile also in other fields of behaviour than the one of nutrition personal life-friendlyness was increased as much as possible.

(Among other things by taking better care to spare insect-lifes, using as little paper as possible (sparing tree-lifes), no more boiling and heating of water, in principle no more domestic heating, no more use of soap and other microbes-killing cleaning products; reducing direct and indirect use of motor fuel and of electricity). 

Undeniably this as well contributed to a proportional reduction of natural punishments and a steadyly  increasing joy of life. (Otherwise he wouldn’t have continued to deny all those comforts and delights).

Meanwhile the presumption that in general the one is related to the other kept being confirmed by the fact that any time it turned out not to be possible to be fully nature-friendly, (for instance because the desired (organic) food was not available, so that less nature friendly alternatives had to be used) one or more of the former natural punishments proportionally reappeared;

(such as ailments; catching a cold for instance used to happen regularly, but dwindled steadily, whereas it occurs as good as no more since becoming a raw-foodist. Also the less functioning of the eyes when reading, comes back when certain food-additions such as salt are used again, when the intake of fertilizer and pesticides residues has increased because due to circumstances (more) non-organic food has been used, or in proportion as some cooked food has been consumed again.

After having contemplated this course of events for a long time, there is no doubt left that the mentioned relation between the degree of personal life-friendlyness and being spared from natural punishments exists.

Also has become clear that the role of microbes in this matter can be called considerable; and so of what is or isn’t done to them. After all it’s them who for instance decide on whether one gets a desease and which one, as well as on whether one will (continue to) be able to see the stars above twinkle as bright as can be.




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