Punishments by nature


About the many kinds of undesirabilities that can be seen as punishments from nature for life-unfriendly behaviour


An enumberation of just about the most common ones

•   A premature death as a result of desease, an accident, murder, suicide, or otherwise;

For instance:
Steven Jobs was one of the most succesfull businessmen around. Initially (at the time he founded Apple) he was a fruitarian. After some years he had made a nice fortune with this company; as may be presumed enough to be able to enjoy nature full time and stop his business activities (that surely had certain nature-unfriendly aspects). But that’s not what he did; instead he gave fruitarianism it and went with every kind of means to hunt for the biggest money; this including relocation of production to China, a country that certainly at that time wasn’t all that particular about workers rights and environmental care.
He has been able to experience that his company was the biggest, but not long after that got what can be seen as the ‘death penalty from nature’ at the age of 56.

•   Injuries or disability as a result of an accident;

•   Sustained suffering from a desease;

•   Physical pain; (can be seen as mostly a vengeance of microbes inside the body for what the owner of it has been doing (again) to them or their kind; for instance by eating cooked food or food containing microbes killing substances like salt, sugar, vinnegar, alcohol, a.o.. Although it feels as if they are biting, in fact they seem to separate a bitter substance in a sensibel part of the body ).

•   Becoming afflicted with a form of physical imperfection, including deterioration;

•   Setbacks or problems in the relational sphere;

•   Setbacks or problems in the field of progeny; such as:

–  Married couples who can not have offspring or less than desired;
–  Married persons who have offspring which biologically is not theirs;

•   Setbacks or problems with respect to descendants; such as:

–   Offspring dieing prematurely;
–   Offspring marrying an undesirable or controversial partner;
–   Descendants being afflicted with a bodily imperfection;
–   Transfer of an inherited disease;

•   Setbacks or problems concerning work, income, or wealth;

•   Having to undergo judicial punishment;

•   Having to leave one’s natural environment permanently;

•   Having to live prolongedly in another than one’s naturally own climate and society;

•   Having to tolerate that (many) others, who don’t belong there naturally, permanently stay in one’s own natural territory;

•   Being confronted with he fact that one’s natural living conditions have already been seriously affected.

•   Getting involved in a scandal;

•   Being faced with the impossibility to avoid participation in perverse sexual activity;

As additional undesirabilities, which particularily certain parts of humanity use to be confronted with can be mentioned:

•   Not being free to choose one’s life partner oneself;
•   (One’s descendants) being mamed physically in a religious context (on a young age).


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