The Vivistic way of nutrition


Practising Vivism in the field of nutrition implies mainly that in principle:

-1) No animal foodstuff is eaten;  (so no meat, no animal milk(-products), no eggs and no honey); 

– 2) Plants or vital parts of plants (like their leafs or their stem) aren’t eaten either; (unlike their edible fruits);

– 3) What ís eaten (all plant fruits), is not prepaired by use of heat, so that indeed it is eaten raw);

– 4a) The fruits must be organically grown, (and so without use of artificial fertilizer and pesticides);

-4b) Otherwise as well the fruits must be grown as life-friendly as possible; (so preferably without  trees being cut or pruned and without grass and other plants on the ground being mowed or destroyed);

– 5) Those fruits are chosen, that are produced and traded in the most environment-friendly way; (impliing a.o. that even if they’re more expensive than kindlike fruits that have to be transported over a longer distance, those that had to be transported over the smallest distance are chosen).

– 6) Food-additives that kill or harm microbes  inside food and body are rejected; (a.o. salt, vinegar, pepper, mustard, sugar, alcohol, and other preservatives (like E-numbers 200 to 299)).



Some unnatural supplements

Although it’s quite likely that these rules would do perfectly in a perfectly natural situation, in the nowadays usual situation it is hardly or not avoidable to supplement some nutrients in an unnatural way; (especcially vitamins B12 and D, as well as proteins).

Although it can also happen with this completely plant-based diet that one does not get enough of the mineral Calcium, but that is very well prevented in a completely natural way by eating enough of certain types of nuts. (Such as hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds, which all content even more Calcium than animal milk).


A closer look at these characteristics

1) No animal foodstuff

Like also vegetarians, veganists, fructarians and most raw-foodists, vivists don’t want animals to loose their life for the sake of the first mentioned’s food supplience. To them (also in nature) there are sufficiently other kinds of food available, that don’t take animals to be killed.
Like veganists, fructarians and most raw-foodists vivists also doesn’t consume animal foodstuff, that doesn’t (directly) lead to the death of the creatures it is taken from, namely milk(products) and eggs.
To all of them cow- and other kinds of animal milk is nothing more or less than the mother-animal’s breast feeding, meant for her babies.
Eggs are nothing more or less than the foetusses of birds.
Honey is not really animal food, for not derived from the bees themselves that gather it, but animal friendly people feel that it’s not done, to let bees work for months in order to gather a sufficient stock of their natural food for winter, and then take away that stock and replace it by simple sugarwater.   Link: Vivism and Animals


2) Plants or vital parts of plants aren’t eaten either; 

Like also fructarians, vivists don’t want any plants to loose their life for the sake of the first mentioned’s nutrition.
Nor do they want plants to loose essential parts of their body (like their leafs or their stem) for that purpose.
So they don’t eat lettuce, spinach, cabbage vegetables, leek, rubarb, cane sugar, etc., nor do they drink tea and use tobacco or drugs that are made out of plant leafs, like cannabis).

Fruits on the other hand are not vital parts of the plant but can, if ripened enough, be picked without harming the plant, or be picked up under the tree or other plant, after they having been fallen from it.

So vivists do eat all kinds of edible plant fruits, such as fruit, nuts, fruit-vegetables (like cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.), cereals, (other) seeds (like sesame seed) and kernels (like sunflower- and pine-).

Root tubers (like carrots), (that stay behind in the ground, after the above ground leafs of the plant have died off naturally), have a lot in common with fruits. If necessary vivists eat them, in principle on condition that they have been harvested after the plant’s leafs have died off naturally and as little as possible soil-life is destroyed by harvesting.    Link: Vivism and Plants


3) What ís eaten is not prepaired by use of heat, so that indeed all fruits are eaten raw;

In that sense vivists are also a raw-foodist.
Raw-foodists are people that are aware of the fact, that by cooking (and heating otherwise) foodstuff most vitamins and other essential microbes, that naturally find themselves inside it, are killed or harmed that seriously that they can’t exert their important functions (sufficiently) any more.
At the same time due to the heating inside the foodstuff certain kinds of toxines (poisons, like for instance nicotine in burned tobacco leafs) develope; eating them leads to deseases like cancer, heart conditions, diabetes and other ones, that are as common nowadays that they are called major endemic deseases.
Moreover, all that food heating globally takes enormous quantities of energy and who doesn’t know, what the nowadays gigantic energy use is leading to in the field of environment?
Last but not least especcially vivists also reject heated food because they don’t want all those microbes that naturally live in fuel and foodstuff, to be killed by fire or heat for the sake of their food supplience. They know, that in the system of creation humans are supposed not to kill one microbe a day and try as hard as they can to reach this level as far as possible; also because from own experience they know, that then they deserve proportionally less of the punishments that would be their part, in case they would still behave in the more usual many microbes killing.
So fruits yes, but not in the form of compote, marmelade, syrup, preserved food, etcetera.
Corns of grain are also fruits and some kinds of them (like wheat) can, if fully ripened, be eaten raw by humans. But a vivist doesn’t eat them in baken form like bread etcetera. If they are just grinded, there are much less objections against eating them (in the form of meal mixed in fruitsalades or as porridge that can be heated up to a maximum of 30 degrees C, which is supposed to be harmless for microbes inside the food and also otherwise in case the needed energy is generated by solar panels or windturbines) .

By the way an aditional reason for vivists not to eat bakery products is in the fact that mostly yeast is used in their manufacturing process, whereas yeast in its turn is mostly produced out of sugar derived from plants like sugar beet or sugar cane, that have to be killed respectively mutilated for that. So if by exception a vivist eats some bakery product, it is produced without yeast and possibly with probiotic sourdough instead).   Link: Raw-Fructarianism


4a) The fruits must be organically grown

Organically grown means mainly that no pesticides and artificial fertilizer are used in the growing.

Vivists don’t want pesticides to be used in the growing of their food because when they a*re used countless insects that naturally live on fruit trees and other fruits-bearing plants are killed in a most unnatural and probably very cruel way. More or less the same goes for more microbic beings that are unwanted in the fruitgrowing business (e.g. virusses).

Vivists don’t want artificial fertilizer to be used in the growing of their food, because artificial fertilizer is made out of crude oil, which implies that the many microbes that naturally live in crude oil are killed in the production process of fertilizer. Further more this oil  product, that by far is not suitable for consumption by animals including humans, most likely also enters the fruits after it has been dissolved in the rainwater that takes it into the ground, where the water is sucked up by the roots of the fruits-bearing plants, after which it is spread all over these plants, including their fruits.


4b) Otherwise as well the fruits must be grown as life-friendly as possible

Mostly in organically growing instead of chemical pesticides other insects killing substsances are used to reduce the damage, such as certain kinds of soap. Also it arrives that natural enemies of the unwanted insects are deployed (e.g. predatory spiders). Vivists however want that in the growing of their food no insects or other living beings at all are fought. As for fertilizing in organic growing often animal dung is used; because however this implies that animals are exploited as cattle, Vivists only want vegetable fertilizer toe be used or no fertilizer at all.

Furthermore they want their food to be grown in way as plant-friendly as possible. This among others implies that no trees are cut and that no pruning takes place. Also overgrowth of the ground has to stay as unharmed as possible, which among others implies that it is not destroyed by chemicals, nor mowed.

So if Vivists have the opportunity to grow their fruits themselves, they can take care of all this themselves; if they don’t have that opportunity, they buy the fruits of which they know that their wishes about life-friendlyness in growing are met in the greatest extent. In addition they take care to obtain as much wild grown fruits as possible, as these are the ones that by definition grew in the most life-friendly way possible.   Link: Life friendly agriculture


5) Those fruits are chosen, that are produced and traded in the most environment-friendly way

In case Vivists don’t have the opportunity to grow their fruits in the most life-friendly way themselves, they mostly have to buy them somewhere. In the nowedays situation it is as good as impossible then to obtain fruits that have been grown in the vivistic way. By now organic fruits are about the limit, be it that in certain chains the vegan wish that no animal dung is used either already is met. But even then often choises have to be made in order to meet the principle that ones food has to be produced and traded in the most environment-friendly way. In that respect, as far as the possibility of choise is present, they prefer unpacked fruits above packed, packed in paper or cardbord above packed in plastic, whereas they bring or buy reusable bags to collect the unpacked fruits. Furthermore the fruits are chosen that have been transported over the smallest distance (even when they are more expensive than the other ones of about the same quality). Also fruits that were grown outside in the open ground are preferred above the ones  that were grown in heated greenhouses.     Link: Locavorism


6) Food-additives that kill or harm microbes inside food and body are rejected

Salt, vinegar, sugar, mustard and pepper usually are either added to foodstuff to make it more spicy, or to conserve it. The fact that these substances can be used to conserve food implies that they kill or harm microbes living inside it, so that they cannot carry out their natural ripening and finally breaking down function any more. Another consequence of this fact however is that these killed or harmed microbes and others like vitamins inside the food cannot carry out their most important natural salutary tasks inside the body of the eater any more. On the contrary, especcially when they have been mutilated by the added substance they will carry out these tasks in a ‘mutilated’ or wrong way, as a result of which the eaters health will be damaged proportionally. To prevent this effect as much as possible the body reacts by isolating these malicious elements (deformed cells) out of the food by wrapping them in fat and as such stowing them away in every available body space up to the blood vessels. The results of this proces indeed are disorders like obesitas and heart problems.

The fact that Vivists don’t want microbes to be killed or harmed and therefore don’t add this kind of substances to their fruity food, implies that they stay away from the mentioned and other kinds of endemic deseases. The same goes for the fact that in principle they reject foodstuff to which conservative E-numbers are added.

Although not exactly food-additives, the taking in of alcohol, tobacco smoke and drugs have about the same body microbes killing or damaging effect, as a result of which they are known to be rather harmfull for health. No need to say that the microbe friendly Vivistic consumption pattern also builds up a dam against this kind of calamity.

To take care that one does meet one’s daily need of sodium (which is abundantly present in salt) one makes sure to eat sufficiently of fruits that are known to contain more sodium than most other ones; one melon for instance contains about 200 mg, which is exactly the daily quantity of sodium that is said to be sufficient for a grown up person.    Link: Vivism and Microbes


7) As for the above-mentioned unnatural supplements

The vitamins mentioned (B12 and D) are available in the form of, among other things pills, whereas the extra proteins can be obtained by eating legumes, such as beans, peas and lentils, which must first be cooked, thus deviating from the raw food principle.




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