Thinks that …..


A personal opinion or vision

on several (mostly societal) subjects 


1)  One of the last things to do for reduction of energy use is start summertime ***

2)  He or she who would launch a printer of which the cartridges are meant and constructed to be refilled as easily as possible by the user, would surely provide him- or herself a goldmine.

3)  The cause of the persistant economical crisis in most of Europe and other Western powers finds itself on the moral plane, in that these powers have regulated working conditions in a relatively humane way, but renounce this part of their morality by trading extensively with certain Asian powers in which working conditions (as well as care for environment) seem to be located on a level that is regarded as immoral in the first mentioned powers’ own societies.

It stands to reason that countries from which more and more companies move their production division to far away other countries in which wages and other working conditions are on a more or less inhuman level will be confronted with continuously growing unemployment rates.
The same goes for buying or importing products from there, because they are considerably cheaper then those that are produced in Western regions, where wages, other working conditions as well as care for environment ar on a more humane respectively more responsible level.

Maybe the only way to stop this fatal developement is criminalising this kind of benefitting from a situation of which one or more aspects are illegal and/or punishable in the own western country.

Otherwise western countries sooner or later will be forced to (re-)introduce slavery-like working condions and throw overboard essential environmental acts themselves.

4)  Now that the bottom of the oil well is said to become more and more apparent, it’s no more than obvious to as soon as possible start responding to the next state by among other things replacing as many as possible public policy activities relevant to fuel-intensive internationalisation and even globalisation by other ones, that aim for (re-)nationalisation and even regionalisation.

5) More follow a.s.a.p.