Vivism eliminates all environmental damage




On the Vivism main page is stated that a general application of Vivism
by definition would bring an end to environmental disintegration of planet Earth:

Citation: “Firstly by definition an end will come to as good as all human activities that at the moment are causing environmental disintegration of planet Earth, which according to scientists (now) is to be unliveable for humans within a few decades*” .

Below a list of reasons that justify this conclusion


1)  (Intensive) livestock farming is known to be one of the main causes of the greenhouse-effect. As Vivism implies that no more animal food is consumed, this means that it would eliminate this cause completely.


2)  No more human consumption of animal foodstuff implies that conciderably less agricultural ground would be needed to keep global food supply on its nowadays level.
As a result the continuous devastation of primeval forests, like tropical rainforests, which at the moment takes place for this purpose in particular, would come to an end.

3)  As Vivism also implies that life and well-being of plants are respected, which includes a rejection of tree felling, this means that nowadays continuous devastation of primeval forests, (also called “Earth’s lungs”), would come to an end completely.
4)  An end to nowadays devastation of tropical rainforsts will also put an end to desertification of the relevant parts of the planet, as there will be no more soil erosion, which generally follows deforestation there.

5)  Apart from (intensive) livestock farming another main cause of the greenhouse-effect is supposed to be the worldwide use of fuel for especcially motorised transport.

Respecting life and well-being of also microbes leads to non-use of organic fuel, as this use brings along the death in fire of gigantic numbers of microbes, that naturally find themselves in the crude oil or in the natural gas (that by the way both are made by microbes themselves). This at the same time would proportionately reduce other major air-pollution problems, like acid rain one, fundamentally.

(Alternative biofuels by the way are also ‘unvivistic’, as their use leads to the death in fire of the many microbes that naturally find themselves in the plant material out of which those fuels are made. So Vivism would take away the danger for humanity, that gradually thát many agricultural grounds will be used for production of biofuels, that too little will be available for keeping global foodproduction on its proper level).

6)  Respecting life and well-being of microbes implies rejection of most kinds of chemistry, as chemistry mostly implies that fire is made and as a result many microbes inside the fuel and the heated materials loose their life.

Also a reason for rejection is in the fact that in many a case chemistry brings along that microbes are forced to ‘react’ with other ones, whith whom this naturally never occurs. This most likely is at least harmfull for their well-being.

Last but not least no more chemistry would mean that there would be no more chemical pollution of soil, water and air either.
7)  Respecting life and well-being of all kinds of living beings implies that one avoids any kind of environmental pollution to the utmost, as this always is at least harmfull to well-being of certain other beings.
(For instance vivists are very much aware of what in fact happens when the water in which fishes and other animals are living is chemically polluted; they know it can be to these animals, like it is to humans when they at least have to live near a continuously noise or odor-causing business, or at worst get into a toxic cloud).

Other reasons, that in themselves (still) may be less evident,
but of which a vivist is convinced, partly by own experience and partly by logical thinking:


8)  Because vivistic nutrition is purely natural, it causes little stress; after eating, all is (still) very harmonic inside.
As a consequence one has little need of material and immaterial ‘affluent-society-drugs’, of which production and use in many a case are desastrous for envoronment.
Immaterial ‘drugs’, further more, often lead to mental and ethical degravation, which in its turn often leads to negligence with regard to environment and nature.
9)  Because vivistic nutrition leads to inner harmony, the need of certain relaxing activities (“libido”) is limited to its natural relatively low level. This in its turn makes natural anticonceptional-methods realisable quite well, which is very important, because especcially in the two continents, in which global overpopulation in fact is caused (Asia and Africa), artificial anti-conceptional means are hardly or not accepted.

Less overpopulation of course would mean less exhaustion of several environmental elements.

10)  When living according to the vivistic principle (even now) one enjoys especcially flora and fauna that much and intensly, that one doesn’t even think of spoiling or destroying the least of it in one way or another. 


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