Vivism in everyday practice



If one knows the principle and the broad lines of Vivism, it can still be a long way to become aware of the smallest details that application of the mentioned principle in everyday practice entails.

On this page will be sought to provide a manual here in the form of an overview of the most common situations where application of the vivistic principle leads to a different approach than the usually customary.


I)  In the field of nutrition

As is known the Vivistic way of nutrition is Raw-Fructarian and even Pure-Fructarian. But this does not detract from the fact that there are also a number of additional issues on feeding themselves as a Vivist. Among other things one will pay close attention to buying the fruits that had to be transported the least far (if that choice is at least). For less kilometers/miles transportation means lesss use of fuel and so less killed microbe-lives (apart from less pollution). Also one tries to reduce the one-off use of plastic or paper packaging. (Plastic also implies the killing of many microbes that found themselves in the crude oil it was made from, whereas paper implies that trees had to be killed).  So as far as possible one chooses the fruits that are available ununpacked and takes them along in a reusable bag.